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IR Beam Sensor #001-88-35

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Protect your property and create some security perimeters around your driveways, swimming pool, fence and other unauthorized areas with the Active Infrared Double Beam Detector (IR Beams).

The IR beams use the infrared detection technology and consist of a receiver and a transmitter; the transmitter emits two infrared beams, and the receiver receives the beams.

Infrared Fence Beams sensors are effective and unobtrusive methods for greatly increasing the level of protection at your home or business. Based on infrared technology, they can be configured to monitor the perimeter, driveways, swimming pools and unauthorized areas. These systems detect both people and vehicles and as such, are extremely versatile.

The two beams avoid false alarms as only the two beams being interrupted simultaneously will trigger the alarm.

The IR beams have outdoor range of 100 Meters and an indoor range of 300 meters

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