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4 PIR Sensors 4 Door Sensors 1 Outdoor Siren

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Alarm Highlights:


Flip down key protector

Voice prompt for all operations

Text message to notify you of power Cuts

4 ways to control the system

Call 6 numbers When Triggered

Send text message to 2 numbers when triggered


About this kit:


This kit is specifically designed by Bullnet Systems for full protection of a small house.  You can fully secure 2 upstairs room and 2 downstairs rooms as well as having a sensors on the front and back door plus 2 windows.


This kit also includes an outdoor siren that will be sure to make burglars think twice before entering your property.


Full Contents:


  • 2 remote controls
  • 4 PIR sensor (motion sensor)
  • 4 Door / Window sensor
  • 1 Indoor Siren
  • 1 Outdoor siren


Please note you can easily add extra sensors, remotes and sirens using the drop down menu above.



About the alarm:


This GSM autodial burglar alarm system with flip down key protector is our entry-level system, although it still has all of the features you would expect from any high quality GSM burglar alarm.


This burglar alarm systems auto-dialer work by using the mobile phone network, simply insert a standard Sim Card and when the alarm is triggered it will call up to 6 pre-set number and send a text message to 2 numbers. The alarm will then play a recorded message when the phone is answered and the text message will inform the receiver of which zone has been triggered.


You can pair up to 99 wireless sensors to this system whether they are PIR Sensors, Door Sensors, Smoke Detectors or any other of Bullnet systems wireless accessories. You can also hard wire up to 8 sensors to the alarm system.


This burglar alarm can be partially set so at night you can have all the sensors downstairs armed and you will be free to walk around upstairs without triggering the alarm.


Controlling The System


This alarm system can be controlled in 4 ways


1) Keypad

            Simply enter your 4-digit security number to arm and disarm the system


2) Remote

            The remote control will enable you to easily arm and disarm the alarm with the press of a button.


3) Phone

            Simply dial the number of the Sim Card that is in the alarm, you will be prompted to enter your 4-digit security code then you can control the alarm by your phone keypad:


4) Text Message

            Simply text instruction to the alarm system, this can be done from anywhere in the world


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