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GSM Alarms

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  1. Wireless GSM Burglar Alarm System

    6 Wired Zones and 99 Wireless Defence Zones

  2. Wireless GSM Burglar Alarm System Black

    4 Wired and 10 Wireless Defence Zones

  3. GSM Burglar Alarm with RFID Control

    APP Controlled Alarm with RFID control key ring


    Wireless Burglar Alarm with 1 PIR Sensor 1 Door Sensor

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GSM Alarms Explained

GSM Autodial Burglar alarm systems are systems that are designed to operate through the global system for mobile communications network. Basically they are designed to be used with a standard Mobile Phone Sim Cards and do not need a landline to make emergency calls. This can be advantageous in a number of ways;

1) If the property you are wanting to protect does not have Land Line.

2) If you wish to protect an Outhouse Garage or Plot

3) Potential burglars will not be able to simply cut the phone line to stop the system calling the designated numbers.

4) You will be able to control the system from anywhere in the word by text message and smart phone App

5) A GSM Alarm will send you a text message to inform you that it has been triggered