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Big Wireless Outdoor Siren with Red Strobe Light #001-88-45

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This big outdoor siren will help protect yous property.

The wireless outdoor siren can be connected to an alarm system or to a specific wireless accessory, such as:  PIR sensor, Door/Window detector, smoke sensor....

With its powerful 110db sound, the siren will annunciate unwanted entrance to property and premises.

The accompanying strobe light also provides a visual warning and deterrent upon activation.  It distinguishes between burglars, fire, alarm emitting different sounds for each and indicates arm and disarm squawks.



  • For outdoor use - weatherproof
  • Dimensions: 330 x 215 x 65mm
  • Colour: White casing and red strobe light
  • Wireless - 433Mhz
  • Volume: 110dB
  • Transmitting range: 100 meters
  • Back up battery

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